Genius Organizing


"When my wife suggested we hire someone to help get us organized, I was skeptical. I thought... 'our home isn't perfect, but we get by just fine.' I couldn't have been more wrong. Nicole inspired us to tackle boxes of 'stuff' that we hadn't looked at in years. What should have been a painful chore became a fun and energizing session. The four hours simply zoomed by. My home office is now set up the way I need it - with all office supplies just there; our filing cabinet is no longer overflowing and finally our outside closet is now clearly organized with once random boxes now clearly labeled and easily accessible. What we didn't foresee was that by physically decluttering our home, we would mentally declutter our minds. The investment we made was totally worth it and we would highly recommend Nicole's services to anyone wanting a little more order and peace of mind at home and in their life. We can't thank Nicole enough!”

Alan F., Global Business Strategist - Brooklyn Heights, NY

"I am someone who often takes on more than I can do in the number of hours I have in a day and as a result, I have to move on quickly from one thing to another and do not have the time (and often not even the inclination) to put my surroundings in order. Eventually, my piles of paper take over my office and, not only can I not see the top of my desk, but I don’t have any room to start new piles. I also don’t have room in my files because I don’t have or take the time to go through them to keep them up to date and organized. When my office was recently at that stage, and many people were saying it looked like Sanford and Son’s junkyard, I arranged some time with Nicole’s Genius Organizing service and spent six hours with Nicole to get through the piles and figure out a system of maintaining a more controlled level of organization. It has been only a couple of weeks, but I have not had any piles on my desk or messy files lying around my office since she left. And I know exactly where everything is and where it belongs when I’m done with it. I’ve taken some of that home with me and did my personal files over last week. Nicole not only got me organized at work, she inspired me to become more organized and purge the things from my life that no longer serve me well. Thanks, Nicole!”

Diane D., Director of Communications, Teachers College at Columbia University - Manhattan, NY

"When Nicole first came to my apartment, I waited apprehensively...and to be honest, a little anxiously...for her assessment, but rather than pass judgement on my apartment (which at the time could really only be described as uninhabitable), she merely introduced herself, asked me where I wanted to get started and we jumped right in. We made shockingly amazing progress in just the first session - everything I owned slowly but surely found a home. And while throwing things away can be somewhat of a daunting task, Nicole was very supportive and talked me through whatever doubts I had. The best thing about Genius Organizing, however, is not the fantastically amazing and FUN sessions themselves, but how it has effectively changed my life AFTERWARDS.
I find myself putting things away when I get home because I dont want to ruin the beautifully organized apartment. Not only that, but I ENJOY spending time in my apartment and am no longer scrambling when I have guests over. Sincerest thanks to Nicole for helping me bring so much positivity to my life. I might even dare to go as far as to say that this is the BEST money I have ever spent. DO NOT HESITATE - get Genius Organizing into your home."

Stephanie C., Child Development Specialist - Park Slope, Brooklyn

"Nicole is a reliable, intelligent and productive organizer, who helped me declutter my apartment, organize my bills etc. and is now helping me with a job search. I like her so much that I keep circling back to her, having her help me with any project I find daunting. I credit her for helping me make peace with my new husband, as she devised systems for our stuff to co-exist peacefully in our new apartment together."

Liz S., Financial Journalist - Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

"Even when my apartment was "clean," we still had boxes and piles everywhere for things we handn't found homes for. I wanted to surprise my girlfriend, and in six hours, the apartment went from semi-disaster area to nothing on the floor but the furniture. I was amazed at how quickly the transformation happened!

Gwen K., Social Services Director - Manhattan, NY