Genius Organizing

about the organizer

As a reformed clutterer, I understand the mindset that gets you into a clutter state and what keeps you there. As a television producer for nine years (you may have seen some of my shows!), with some of the programs being live, where you cannot make a mistake, I learned to organize and plan down to the last detail. As the assistant in a boutique event planning company, I learned to customize organization to different needs and personalities, and to make sure the client is always pleased. And currently, as a professional organizer, I can:

I have organizational methods and systems that you’ve never thought of and that can be customized to your situation and likes. I have seen my clients relax and smile, and have their energy renewed, as their homes and offices become user-friendly. I am committed to improving the lives of my clients and getting them to a point where organization is a normal part of their lives. And if organizing is just never going to be on your priority list, I am happy to come back for tune-ups!

I believe that life can be transformed through organization - income can increase, relationships can thrive, interests can be pursued, and free time can be freed up. All of this is possible - with a little genius organizing!