Genius Organizing

why you need organization

your basic necessities aren't being met

Bills are missing or not paid on time, incurring late fees. Keys are lost. Mail piles up. Tables meant for dining are covered with stuff. Current paperwork is mixed in with out-of-date or unimportant papers. The house or office is brimming with clutter. Things are left behind as you leave the house. Tasks are forgotten or not being completed due to poor planning and scheduling.

benefits of working with genius organizing:

Gain control of your space and life, be prepared, save time and money

your goals are thwarted by clutter and disorganization

You can't get to the things you need/want to do because your clutter is always in the way and you feel you need to take care of that first. But you never get to it or never get through it all.

benefits of working with genius organizing:

Clean your slate of clutter, increase productivity, make more money, focus on what’s really important to you

your relationships are suffering

Household clutter may create a feeling of embarrassment, which could impede inviting guests over. This, in turn, can create loneliness, depression, and a feeling of being trapped in all the clutter. Or, co-habitants are frequently at odds over the mess, especially if one is much more disorganized than the other(s).

benefits of working with genius organizing:

Set a good example for your family, increase self-esteem, eliminate family conflict, open your home to your friends

studies have shown a disorganized, cluttered space creates depression, anxiety and feelings of being out of control. if you are experiencing these issues, working with genius organizing will help…